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What are the practical functions of your products?

What are the practical functions of your products?

Update Time:2019-10-29

Rocking chair

A chair that rocks back and forth. According to a study, the swing rhythm of the most easily falling asleep is basically the same as the heart beat frequency, 67 times per minute. It is based on this research that a swing bed is developed to swing about 5 centimeters, slowing down gradually and finally stopping swinging automatically.
Swivel chair


The upper half of the chair is not much different from that of the ordinary chair. There is a rotating shaft called "single leg" under the seat surface, so the human body can rotate around freely when the seat is reliable, so that people can sit happily and keep a happy mood.
Wooden leg chair

Natural, environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood chairs reveal the beauty of nature and primitive, have value-preserving function, and have their own unique style: high-grade, heavy, more humanized design, practical, modern, create a new fashion of solid wood furniture, lead the furniture trend.
The bar chair

There are differences between high and low, and they can also rise and fall. It is a chair used with the bar, also used to represent the general service desk of some modern entertainment and leisure service places such as restaurants, hotels and so on.
Deck chair
There are many nicknames, "bedtime chair", "warm chair", "free chair", "spring chair" and so on. It can help people relieve work pressure, but also improve the quality of sleep and life requirements.