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The goods purchased are not suitable. Can they be exchanged?

The goods purchased are not suitable. Can they be exchanged?

Update Time:2019-10-29
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Within 60 days, you can have complete goods, original packaging, original shopping receipts or invoices (if issued), we will refund according to the payment method when you purchase, bank card refund please bring the original signature and bank card.

I'm sorry: the above regulations do not apply to dealing with goods, customized goods and damaged and knocked products.

Return mode and warm tips:

The term "intact goods" refers to goods that have not been damaged, stained, deformed or used.

Please contact Freshman Online Customer Service to apply for a return service. You can pick up the goods through the designated distribution company or choose the distribution company by yourself. Refund charges should be borne by customers. Upon receipt of the returned package and confirmation of its correctness, the freshman will go through the refund formalities within 7 days, and the money will be returned according to the original payment method.

It is recommended that you retain the package when delivering the package, so as to facilitate the use of the product when it is re-transported in order to reduce damage.