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What are the benefits of customized furniture?

What are the benefits of customized furniture?
Update Time:2019-11-11
It helps to grasp the style.
Most "quasi fitters" don't have much fitment experience or formed design ideas. Many people just learn some basic knowledge from newspapers, the Internet or other people's homes. When communicating with designers, they just hold the house plan, which leads to the fact that designers can't understand your preferences very well, but continue their original design style. Some even put the original design style into practice The scheme is directly applied to decoration. It's not the same when you choose a designer after customizing the furniture. You can take the designer to see the customized furniture first and tell him the size. In this way, the designer can know the style you like through the furniture, and also integrate the product into his design, so that the whole household style is unified.

Make full use of space.
Generally, with the permission of funds, we will hand over some small pieces of furniture, such as shoe cabinets and doberg, to the decoration company for convenience. We believe that this not only saves time and effort, but also avoids the problem of improper size of furniture we choose.

Reduce expenditure.
Custom furniture is an effective way to control the cost of decoration. People who have decorated know that the final decoration styles basically exceed the original budget, because there are often some additional items that cannot be prepaid in the decoration process. For example, there will be a few more cabinets inexplicably, which will naturally consume more labor and materials. If the construction period is longer, we have to pay more money, which is not reflected in the original quotation of the decoration company.
Save time and effort.
The home furnishing market is of a comprehensive nature. When shopping for building materials, you can also take a look at the furniture by the way. If you have the right one, you can book it. On the one hand, it can let the designer have a goal, and on the other hand, it can reduce the number of shopping for building materials City, so as to save your time and effort. At present, many consumers prefer pure imported furniture, many of which have a waiting period of at least one month, because it takes a certain time for production and transportation.