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How to distinguish whether the quality of customized furniture is up to the standard?

How to distinguish whether the quality of customized furniture is up to the standard?

Update Time:2019-11-14
Typical style and personality
Another condition of high-end customized wood furniture is distinctive style and artistic features. Antique furniture must reflect the artistic characteristics of the historical period, such as Chinese Ming style custom furniture, French Louis 15 style (Rococo) log furniture. Modern solid wood furniture must also have easy to identify style personality, such as Italian whole wood furniture, Nordic solid wood furniture and so on. In addition, the traditional style, national characteristics, regional characteristics, the characteristics of the times can be called.
Processed from natural solid wood materials
Natural materials, especially log wood, have been the main custom-made furniture materials from ancient times to present, and they have been loved and cherished by people. For example, the walnut age, walnut age and mahogany age in the history of British furniture all reflect the furniture characteristics of a period with the main materials. Nowadays, with the increasing scarcity of natural resources and environmental protection awareness, people's aesthetic awareness is full of nostalgia, and natural materials are more favored by people.

As far as the grade of furniture is concerned, the furniture processed with solid wood, if its shape and technology are good, should be a high-end product. Such as pine furniture, although the wood is not precious, but the furniture processed with pine is very popular in the international market. Another example is rubber wood furniture. In the past, no one paid attention to rubber wood for firewood. Today, wood sofas processed with rubber wood are sometimes more expensive than leather sofas. Solid wood furniture is better than wood-based panel furniture, wood furniture (including wood-based panel) is better than metal plastic furniture, and leather sofa is more expensive than imitation leather sofa, which is generally accepted by the public.
Fine carving, fine workmanship
All the high-grade furniture must be made with fine workmanship, and the rough and overused furniture must not be included in the list of high-grade furniture. Fine carved antique furniture, especially the furniture carved by hand with precious wood, has the highest value; the furniture decorated by mechanical carving, with fine workmanship, is also high-end furniture.

Even if there is no carving decoration of solid wood furniture, but also requires fine workmanship, such as door line foot, edge processing must be impeccable. The full embodiment of material beauty and structure beauty should be realized through fine technology, so fine workmanship is also one of the necessary conditions for high-end furniture.
Decorate with precious and rare materials
As far as wood furniture is concerned, solid wood furniture processed with precious wood is indeed valuable. For example, furniture processed with various kinds of materials collectively referred to as "mahogany" and hardwood with deep color can be called high-grade furniture.

Such as pear, walnut, mahogany, red shadow wood, white shadow wood, beech, oak and other precious veneer furniture, no matter what the base material is, if the craft is exquisite and the decoration is elegant, it will also double its value. Because these kinds of veneers are all imported materials, their market prices are in the hundreds of yuan per square meter, and the supply of goods is not abundant, so using precious veneer veneer is also one of the ways of furniture grade.