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How to use Morandi color in home decoration?

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How to use Morandi color in home decoration?

Issue Time:2019-11-04
How to use Morandi color in home decoration?
     In fact, Morandi color is the general name of the color used by the painter George Morandi in his painting. 

His creative style is bright, the color system is very simple, but very aesthetic. Is a very innovative spirit and 

aesthetic painter.
Attention to the design concept of storage has also been extended to the bedroom. Ms. Shang is a little sister

 of new media. Because she may get up at any time to revise her manuscript due to her working relationship, 

she hopes that the designer can place a workbench in the bedroom. So, ah Hao has created a functional 

cabinet with the combination of bedside cabinet + locker + desk, which can maximize space saving and more 

in line with her living habits. The display cabinet on the top can be placed with some favorite handmade; the 

open cabinet at the head of the bed can be placed with some daily reading materials In short, the design of 

the cabinet should be completely based on the needs of customers. (PS: yoyo is here to remind you that this 

kind of integrated customized cabinet should not be an open cabinet on the top side. Because of its limited 

height, it is difficult to clean the open cabinet!)

In addition, the whole bedroom not only uses grey and pink to continue the fashion sense of the living room, 

but also adds the most temperament blue tone of Morandi to sublimate, highlighting the elegant taste of