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How to eliminate the peculiar smell of new office furniture?

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How to eliminate the peculiar smell of new office furniture?

Issue Time:2019-11-11
Plant elimination
Plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, especially when there is lighting. A basin of Chlorophytum can kill 80% of harmful substances and absorb 86% of formaldehyde in a room of 8-10 ㎡. An ivy plant can kill 90% of benzene in a room of 8 to 10 square meters. A basin of tiger tail orchid can absorb more than 80% of various harmful gases in a room of about 10 square meters. In a room of about 10 square meters, Agave can eliminate 70% benzene, 50% formaldehyde and 24% trichloroethylene. Aloe vera can eliminate 90% formaldehyde in 1 cubic meter of air under the condition of 24-hour illumination. Rose can absorb more hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, ether and other harmful gases. In addition, fruit, pineapple, orange peel and other fruits and plants are able to breathe, they are easy to absorb this material, so, pineapple, orange peel, onion and other cut open inside and outside the cabinet, can also be a good place for formaldehyde inside and outside office furniture.

Disadvantages: of course, this method also has some limitations,
Plants have strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, such as cactus, Chlorophytum, aloe, Clivia, iron tree, chrysanthemum, etc. Many plants do have some air purification function. However, this does not mean that plants can completely remove formaldehyde in the air. The absorption of formaldehyde by plants can only play an auxiliary role in the whole process of air purification.
Activated carbon adsorption
Solid activated carbon has the characteristics of many pores, and has strong adsorption and decomposition effect on formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The smaller the particle size of the activated carbon, the better the adsorption effect.

Disadvantages: the adsorption effect of activated carbon on formaldehyde is obvious, but the amount of activated carbon placed varies according to the size of space. In addition, the activated carbon needs to be replaced after adsorption to a certain extent.
In life, don't forget to open windows for ventilation. Pay attention to air circulation, which is also a good way to remove the peculiar smell of office furniture.